Investment Manager

Kaplan Funds Management Pty Limited was established in 1998 exclusively for wholesale clients and employs an absolute return approach to investment management. Kaplan aims to achieve positive returns under most conditions with an emphasis on income generation during high risk periods to produce consistent returns with low volatility. Kaplan manages in excess of $1.0 billion in Australian listed securities. The key personnel are:

Sam Kaplan – Chief Executive Officer

Sam Kaplan is the CEO of Kaplan Funds Management and has over 35 years’ investment management experience. Mr. Kaplan was formerly the Investment Manager for Patrick Corporation Limited and prior to that General Manager, Investments of NRMA Insurance Group.

Douglas Hew – Portfolio Manager

Mr. Hew is the Investment Manager of the IBC share portfolio within Kaplan Funds Management and has over 25 years’ investment management experience. He was previously Director of Hopkins Partners, Investment Manager of Potter Warburg Asset Management and Hambros Australia Limited.